the Youth Community Training Center (YCTC) is a professional training school for vulnerable teenagers of Livingstone

The school, built in 1999 by the NGO CeLIM and the Diocese of Livingstone, provides an alternative to poverty to hundreds of youth, offering vocational training in:
plumbing, electric appliances
construction techniques
(this course has benefitted from a specific training organised by the Politecnico di Milano on innovative construction techniques and solar panels for generating electricity)

The YCTC training programs are recognised by the "Technical Education and Vocational Entrepreneurship Authority" (TEVETA)

Olga's finances the school and it also provides training on the job for students of catering courses. Some of the best graduates of YCTC are now employed at Olga’s

As an additional source of income, the school has set up production units (carpentry, tailoring, and metal workshop), which sell products to the community of Livingstone and tourists. To see a selection of crafts from the YCTC carpentry and tailoring workshop visit our showroom

At YCTC, every afternoon recreational activities are offered to about 250 youth and children. Children in particular are supervised by qualified educators. YCTC is actually one of the few places, if not the only one, in Livingstone where youth can come together, socialize in a peaceful environment, and be supported in a variety of ways, including short skill courses. They can also consult the books at our library. YCTC also organizes big sport tournaments (basket, football, netball) involving many other schools

Olga’s and YCTC are a success case, where a winning partnership among local authorities, universities, NGOs and private donors allowed on one side to achieve the school’s economic sustainability and on the other has offered new working opportunities to youth in the tourism sector, which is a priority area for the Zambian government



In Zambia 30 per cent of the population is illiterate and 1 teenager out of 5 is enrolled in secondary school. In particular, only 5% of secondary school students enrol in technical and vocational training schools!
A review by the OECD and the African Development Bank has highlighted YCTC as an example of best practice which responds to an urgent need of training and support to vulnerable youth, favouring their transition to work.  The statistics of the school estimate that 80% of YCTC former student found a permanent job.

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