Olga’s project started in 2003.

It was the idea of a private donor (the family of Olga Diappi in her memory), Giovanni, a volunteer of CeLIM (an Italian NGO which has been running development projects in Zambia since the ‘60s), and YCTC (a training centre for orphans and vulnerable youth based in Livingstone -Libuyu Compound- built up by Livingstone Diocese in partnership with CeLIM).

The Diappi Family wished for Olga's inheritance to be shared with the community and for the community by helping YCTC to become economically sustainable.

Hence the idea of building a guest house and showroom to cover the costs of the school and enable a greater number of youth in need to have access to training.

Many friends also supported Olga's through a wedding list of a member of the family. If you want to become a supporter of Olga’s and YCTC please go to How you are helping us.

From 2006 to 2009, Olga’s project has been followed by Ilaria and Michele (CeLIM Volunteers based at YCTC for 3 years) who have turned the project into reality, also with the help of Giuseppe who has managed the restaurant from 2009 to 2013.

What seemed like a daunting challenge has been successfully met.


«a particular of our thatched roof (left) and staff and donors in the new Guest-house (right)»
  • Money is donated to CeLIM with the idea of using it for Olga’s.
  • A plot next to the main road is found and bought by the Diocese.
  • CeLIM sends the first volunteer (Stefania, an architect) to start the planning for the renovation of an existing structure.
  • Ilaria and Michele join the project in support of Stefania.
  • Due to the poor condition of the foundation, it is decided that the existing building is to be demolished.
  • Stefania leaves after delivering the complete set of drawings for the new building and is replaced by Maria (another architect sent by CeLIM).
  • Maria adjusts the drawings and the construction of the external fence begins. In August, a contractor is chosen and the project can start.
  • Maria leaves and is replaced by Giuseppe, who is chosen to run the restaurant and most of all the “Pizza Oven”.
  • The building is complete. Ilaria, Michele and Giuseppe are proudly in charge and start running the business!
  • Since its inauguration 2 years ago, Olga's has become one of Livingstone's landmarks and its local staff have acquired outstanding managerial and professional skills, so much so that they are beginning to manage the restaurant, originally launched by Giuseppe, by themselves. In May Graziella's Garden was created in memory of the sister of Tiziana Bertolotti, one of  CeLIM's volunteers..
  • On the strength of the restaurant’s success, CeLIM and Politecnico di Milano start the construction of a 9-bedroom accommodation complex annexed to Olga’s, thanks to the support of Fondazione Cariplo and the donations from the Diappi family and friends. This new project will help YCTC achieve full managerial and financial self-sufficiency.
  • Thanks to the technical support of Politecnico di Milano and Professor Lidia Diappi in particular, the supervision of architect Licia Gaia Sortino, site engineer and, naturally, the co-ordination of Giuseppe and the important contribution given by Tiziana, the Guest House is completed.
  • Gloria and Esther are the new managers. Thanks also to the constant support of Gianclaudio and Mr.Yambani, Olga's staff provides quality service to its many customers.
So, as you can see, it has been a long process but we hope that the long wait has been worthwhile! And this is only the beginning...
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