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Graziella's Garden is a tropical garden which was planned and created as multi-functional space, an area for relaxation and a meeting point rather than an extension of the existing restaurant.

The garden offers a place where people can work in the shade of the mango trees – taking advantage of Wi-Fi, relax sipping a drink or chat and share a pizza with friends. But the garden can also be an ideal setting for birthday parties, engagement celebrations, wedding receptions or, why not, work meetings; customers can hire the area and organize it independently according to their requirements and bring whatever they deem suitable for the chosen event, from food to children's toys and equipment.

Alternatively Olga's staff can be entrusted with the organization of any event. Olga's chefs can prepare pizzas, finger food, cakes and anything the best Italian cuisine can offer.

For any further information, please contact the staff directly.

For all the information about Graziella's Garden please contact us:



"...My sister Graziella did not have time to see the Africa I used to describe to her every time I went back to Italy. My enthusiastic words which accompanied the photographs of those extraordinary places had made her win her fear of venturing into a world so far removed from hers, so much so that we had planned to spend two weeks together in Africa. Unfortunately terminal illness meant our dream could never become reality.
I was with her until the end and her last wish was for me to go back to Africa.
I took my sister with me, in my heart, and I had the idea of creating a garden in her memory: all those who knew her remember her wearing gardening gloves, pottering with roses and geraniums.
CeLim, an organization I have been in contact with for quite some time, supported my initiative and allowed me to create Graziella's garden, a green leisure space at Olga's restaurant.
I like to think that after all her suffering, Graziella has been able to find a peaceful corner where she can sit and see through my heart that Africa she could never reach...."




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